Kamis, 11 Juni 2020

Gasoline Fuel Injection Control System with Auto Fault

Untuk mempelajari kinerja sistem injeksi elektronik pada engine bensin dilengkapi dengan simulasi deteksi kegagalan sistem.

Perlengkapan dan Komponen:
Composition : Fuel Tank, Fuel Pump, pressure regulators, ECU, Injector, fan, crank gear, cam gear, tester for fuel injection
1) Ignition circuit : Coil, ignition plug, air intake
2) Sensor : Temperature sensor, oxygen sensor, air flow sensor, air temperature sensor, an engine temperature sensor, exhaust gas sensor, crank sensor and a cam sensor, Power supply, Cabinet Type storage space with 2 door Auto Fault Function
Training Contents
Measure the waveforms and check the changes according to RPM speed
Manual Book
Modul Gasoline Fuel Injection
Control System
Diagnostic from Computer/PC

Untuk Konfirmasi Harga dan Pemesanan Bisa Menghubungi:
Jl. Dukuh Bulu No. 105 Lontar-Sambikerep, Surabaya (Office)
JL. Kuwukan Garuda No. 9B Surabaya (Workshop)
Telp/wa. 081217467156
Email/website: cv.hakajaya@gmail.com  / www.trainersmk.net

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